No more frames?


Picking a template and erasing everything doesn’t address the fact that “frames” seem to no longer exist. Topic type REALLY deminishes the creativity one can have while making a presentation. Is there a way around this?
(I am very new to Prezi, though unfortunately invested time watching tutorials on how to use the old prezi)

Blank templates
How can I delete Prezi template including animations?

Hi. Yes there is a workaround. You can create your entire presentation without using topics but zoom areas instead, which are available from the animations menu. We also have an example:


I love what you did, but I cannot get my zooms and slides to look like your tutorial. The images and words keep “floating” above the background picture. This is our last ditch effort to keep Prezi. My boss is pretty put out about the changes and the attitude of Prezi reps. Can you help me out? I would like to keep Prezi in our system, but so far almost all the responses we have received about our problems of using Next is “Next cannot do “XYZ”, sorry for the inconvenience.” After 10+ of those responses, my boss just told me “One more week of trying and then were done if you cannot get what we had, or close to what we had in Classic. Classic tech is too old and we must move on and I thought Prezi next would allow us to do that, but it is now even worse than PowerPoint.” Can you help me? Thanks in advance!


I was used to the old ‘frames’ functionality too, and it took a bit of time to get Prezi Next to function the way I wanted it to. Two things that were super-helpful: 1) the Prezi team assures me that they are working to make Next as seamlessly similar to Classic as possible (with new updates coming frequently), so hopefully we’ll get more and more of the functionality we’re used to as they transition from the old technology to the new; and 2) as Prezibase said above, using the “Zoom” functionality I’ve been able to create custom presentations that do exactly what I want them to do as they would’ve in Classic. You won’t get the Parallax background effect, but otherwise it’s very similar. Could you share a link to the presentation you’re having troubles with so we can better understand what’s not functioning the way you’d like it to?