No option to update font/style preset


Can anyone please help me to work this out.

When I select a bit of text from a template and change the font, I want to be able to update that font/style throughout the presentation. As far as I can tell I should be able to right click the text while it is still selected then choose “update style preset”… but I do not have that option on the menu?

What I get is:

Bring to front
Send to back
Add comment to text…
Add animation…

I don’t understand why ‘Background’ is there either as I have definitely got text highlighted/selected.

Any solutions would be much appreciated.

Update style preset not available

Sorry, should have added that I am on a Mac and have tried this in both Chrome and Safari with the same result.


Like @Sigrun_Grice I can’t 1) upgrade style presets during online mode
2) also my’Border colour’ is not working, until I touch’ increase thickness’ function
This happens both on my MAC pro and Windows desktop.
3) Cannor recolour or thicken the connectors.

However, the style preset function is working in my desktop app. Why is that?

Please help.



Hello @Sigrun_Grice and @Chris_Mooney-Singh, the “Update Style Preset” feature was temporarily disabled due to an ongoing test, but it should be working correctly now. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Thanks @Caterina.


I miss the ‘update style preset’ option after the last update. So, almost impossible to make a good presentation. And as a Prezi teacher, what do I tell the students, is it permanently gone or will it appear again?


Hello @Lenneke_Meijer, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Please, check my reply above: