No sound in the shared prezi via link?

I created a link to share my prezi (classic) with my students. Because of the corona-situation the course in total will take place online. For that reason I put audio on every frame, where I normally speak to them. It seemed to work, but now I tested the shared link and there is no sound, when I am not logged in. The mobile version of the prezi has sound, but it’s to big to send it to my students via mail or elearning.
I urgently need a possibility to share the prezi with sound; otherwise the students are missing important information.
Can anybody help me?
I’m running out of time. :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Malin_Butschkau, could you send me the link to the presentation? I’m going to check on it ASAP so we can see what is the issue.

Hi @Bart,
that would be wonderful. The link is:

The first voiceover should start at path point 4 (Disability Studies als Disziplin) and then there are voiceovers until path point 8.

Thank you so much

Hi @Malin_Butschkau, I’ve checked your presentation and the voicover plays for me on said path points so it seems like there is no issue with that.
Could you try to access your link in a different browser or in an incognito window?

Hi @Bart,
I tried it in chrome now and it also works for me.
Maybe I should have tried different browsers before.
Thank you very much!

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