Non-Proft Discount


Hi Prezi,

I found a Topic about a year old on non-profit pricing. It stated that if the non-profit is registered as a 501©(3) organization then Prezi can offer them the Edu Plus license at the discounted price of $100 USD. Currently, it looks like Edu Plus is priced at $84 USD annually.

  1. Does this discount still stand?
  2. Would the discount be $84 USD or $100 USD now?

Thank you!

Colton Bercier,
Training Coordinator,
El’dad Ranch, Initiatives for Just Communities

EDIT: Also, does an organization need to be registered as a 501©(3) organization? Or are there other ways to verify it is non-profit.

EDIT 2: I should add, the non-profit I work for is in Canada. I’m not sure 501©(3) extends to there.


The regular Edu Plus licenses are provided for students and educators while non-profit priced Edu Plus licenses are provided for non-profits specifically.

Based on the information you have provided us with, we would recommend submitting a billing inquiry as suggested here, with all the information included.

Our Billing experts will be happy to assist you further with your request.