Not all logos of Touchscreen Business template are clickable


Hello! I have the exact same problem that I cannot figure out. I guess the OP means the following (for example):

  • if I select the template ‘Touchscreen-Business’ …
  • some predefined topics ‘work’ but some don’t. The Coq -icon opens a topic as one would expect …
  • … but others boxes only zoom into the box icon.
  • so is it possible to create a new topic and ‘link’ it into opening by clicking some predefined box (eg. globe).

If this is not possible - is it possible to create topics such as the ones in this template (hexagons?) as I only managed to create circled boxes.


I’ve tested this template and you are right, not all hexagons function as topics. Sorry if it was confusing.

For now, it seems that only those topics can be opened that has a title (like About, Offices, Contact etc.) If you’d like to create a new topic with the same format as the template, you can choose any of the topics and copy-paste them. I create a short screencast on how to do this:

I hope it helps.


Hello and thank you for your reply!
It seems the coq still works and that topic has no title (or I cant find it :slight_smile:)? I tested and copy-pasting this works, but I don’t know how to change images. Is it possible to copy paste images and then edit their content (and if so, can you make a screencast of this too?)


Never mind, I think I figured it out! For anyone thinking the same thing:

  • The cog icon which works doesn’t have a title - but it does have a topic with opacity of 0.
  • by using ‘Send to Front’ and ‘Send to back’, I managed to copy the topic.
  • I pasted the topic, and after that I can copy the icons and create them ‘from scratch’


Or (I guess) I could make a new topic and change the opacity to 0 - and then drag it to the position I want! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your findings, @Matti_Hautaniemi!