Not enough space in my hard drive?

Hi. I´m trying to record a 75 minutes in my desktop editor. My Mac does not have much Hard Disk Drive space so I point an external HDD for my video to be saved but anyway at minute forty something of recording I receive a promt saying not enough memory space in my Mac and stops recording and the forty something minutes recording is lost. The external HDD is plenty of room. Any advice?

Hi @Arturo_Alanis, could you please let me know how do you direct your video saving to an external HDD before the recording is done?

Please note that the buffer file of the recording is located on the Mac itself. I would advise you to either record the video in 2 parts, or move other data to your external HDD to free up space on you Mac.

Hi Bart

Before hitting the RECORD button I go to <File/Save as> and I point to my external HDD and the initial PVI file is stored in the external HDD

I will try to record the video in 2 parts

Thanks. Have a great day


Hi @Arturo_Alanis, please note that in that case, you are only saving your template on the external HDD. You can set the final location of the video after you have finished the recording.