Not showing full JPEG image with MS Teams

Hi there,

We are using Microsoft Team with prezi video,

I have 2 questions to check

  1. In order for me to present, i need to have 2 windows of prezi video? this seems a bit weird as i cannot see full screen of the team
  2. for prezi video - half the jpeg is not shown, is there any setting that we need to do?

thank you so much for your help

Hey @ee_piew_yap can you send us a screenshot of this? By default you should only have one screen open, and all the content should be shown there.

Let us know!

HI Sam,

I am having a similar issue re: cutting off the prezi video in microsoft teams.
When sharing my prezi video (live) in the MT app, the prezi video is showing up very large and cuts off the bottom on the video conference screen. Can you advise how to make this fit better?

Hello @Samantha_Serpa, could you please send us a screenshot of what you see so we can look into this?

Hope to hear from you soon!

@Catarina - no problem - see attached from prezi video presentation screen - looks correct.

@Catarina - see attached from Teams meeting screen - cut off at the bottom.

Thanks @Samantha_Serpa, this can be related to the number of participants and the window size itself.

We would recommend you to try to pin the presenter using Prezi Video.

Please, let us know if this could help!

Hello, I’m experiencing the same issue. Even in a conversation with only one participant. I don’t think the suggestion of pinning the presenter would work.

Hello @Marco_Magnifico, due to the current view settings in MS Teams, every participant needs to “spotlight” the presenter, and also set it to full screen by clicking on the option “fit to frame”.

Please, let us know if this could fix it!