Not Zooming back to Topic view from a sub sub sub topic bypassing the sub topic view


Not sure if this is in the Troubleshooting section, but it seems like this is happening only one topic in my Prezi Next deck.

I have a Topic with 5 x subtopics. In topic 3 I have 4 sub topics.

In the 1st subtopic, I have added 4 sub-sub-topic (SST) stack. I chose stack because I only needed a one pages one image. Not sure if this should even be the reason rather than planets. Essentially, in the SST stack, there is a white background image and an image (powerpoint slide in *.png) on top.

When I run the presentation in the topic. it zooms into the 1st subtopic, which is fine.

This follows by going into the the 1st SST stack, 2nd STT stack, 3rd STT stack, and 4th STT stack. Now instead of zooming back out to the 1 sub -opic topic, to the Topic page showing the 4 sub topics, which is what I expected, it goes directly into the 2nd subtopic from the 4th STT stack of the 1st sub topics.

Is this right?

I tried it with planets set for the SST but still it is the same case.

I even added a “zoom out to page” on my animation but has no effect and still goes from the SST to the 2nd subtopic straight away.

Is the only way a back button x2 before going into the 2nd subtopic?


Hello, @ProdigalGil. Could you please share a link to the presentation with us? It would make it much easier for us to assist you and that way we can be more precise.


Hi @Lana,

Here is the link:HERE

I have created a copy of the presentation for troubleshooting purposes.

If you go to topic 3: [Launch Component Highlight]. When I run [present] the subtopic: [Market Intelligence & Segmentations], which has 5 sub-sub-topics inside it (stacked), on the 5th sub-subtopic, it jumps directly into the 2nd subtopic [Meeting Space Positioning], but does not zoom out to the topic view as expected.

Right now, I need to click back button twice from the last sub-sub-topic (5th) to zoom out 2 layers.


Thank you for the link.

The expected behaviour of a transition from a sub-sub-topic to a sub-topic is without going back to the overview.

As a potential solution, in the Support Copy I have placed a screenshot of the overview of ‘Market Intelligence & Segmentations’ subtopic on the ‘Meeting Space Positioning’ subtopic overview and added a fade out animation.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.


@Lana Thank you for that. I understand the workaround provided. So it seems that while the prezi overiew will be zoom back out after the last Topic/subtopics being presented, since the canvas is the highest layer, inside a topic, when the last subtopic is presented, the topic overview is not shown, but goes straight to the next subtopics. Same mechanism with subtopic / level sub-sub topics.

I just brought the logitech spotlight, so I guess either I have to put an image of the topic/subtopics overlaid with faded out on each sub topic/subsbutopics or use the backbutton to go back to the topic/subtopic level, providing the flexibility for me to chose which subtopic/sub-sub-topics I will click into.

It is just that I like to remind the audience the next subtopic by going back to the topic/subtopic overview and in the case on this presentation, showing the 4 subtopics [Market Intelligence, Meeting Space, Pricing, Value prop) before going into the subtopic again, but it seems sub-topics transition from one to another directly.

Is it designed this way because of the transition mechanism showing topic cover? In my presentation, I had the topic cover (visble outside only - the circle and text also), but when transitioning it just literally goes to the next-next subtopic.

Thanks for the support anyway. I may decide to for the downloaded version since the customer might just click forward only use your solution, but for my version, I will stick to using the back button on my spotlight allowing me flexibility to click into any subtopics / subsubtopics when I am back out of the topic/subtopic overview.


I’m very new to Prezi, and I’m struggling a bit with the structure. As @ProdigalGil mentioned, I would like to just have a quick look back at the subtopic overview with all of the sub-sub-topics before moving on to the next sub-topic.

Since I’m having the same issue, I’d like to better understand how you placed the screenshot to make this work around function properly. Where did you place it on the presentation?

Thank you!
~ Raylene


Hello, @Raylene_Wall.

This is how it can be achieved:

  1. Screenshot the overview
  2. Paste the overview image at the place where yo would like to remind the viewers about it
  3. Fade it out to be able to proceed to the subtopic itself

Please let me know if you have any further questions, I’d be happy to help!