Number of Views / Popularity

It would be very interesting if the owner of the prezentation (or better, everyone) could see how many times has the prezi been played…
Would help to keep track of the impact of a prezintation…

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I think this is an absolute must. Without it, Prezi is forcing us to use something like to share links in order to track. This means Prezi is losing out on the branding opportunity available when someone views the url.

Good idea. I like it. We will consider to add this function but it needs some realtime processing.


I would love to be able to get stats on my prezi’s. I would even be willing to pay for it as a part of a higher level of status.

Hi Kathy,

what kind of stats would you like to see? how would you use? What analytics system do you use?


Right now, I would like to see just the basics - how many people visited the presentation. It would be great to someday be able to see how many viewed parts vs. the whole, how they got to it (front page, direct link), and information on where they came from.

As for what analytic I use: Plain old CSVs or equivalent downloadable to Excel would be fine for me. For those who want more info… the ability to add Google analytics to a prezi would be a long term goal.

are you interested in tracking of embedded Prezi or page?


Embedded ones I can track other ways. It is the visits to the page that I can’t seem to find a way to track.

I think it would be a pain if you had to combine your own analytics with the numbers tracked from plays on the Prezi site. Plus, you HOPE that other people are embedding your Prezi in their sites and blogs, where you have no control over the tracking, so I would strongly suggest you combine the numbers.
What Prezi users use for their own Analytics isn’t that important. What I’d like to see is my Prezi account display the total number of plays for each Prezi, and then display a bar chart of how many viewers got a certain percentage through.
All Views: 127
80% Complete: 17
60% Complete: 27
40% Complete: 35
20% Complete: 48

That is a great idea. You are right - embedding by others wouldn’t be in the stuff I can track. The percentage viewed idea helps too!

Do you all use google analytics?


I use Google Analytics. It doesn’t seem possible today, 6 months after the start of this discussion, that it works.

Is this still being considered by Prezi or is it a reality beyond my key strokes?

Dear Jen,

welcome to the discussion. How would you use GA? What would you like to measure? The percentage viewed? The country distibution of your audience?


For me, as a teacher, I would like to know how many times the Prezi was viewed. I would use it to judge the effectiveness perhaps. Important to me is being able to show other teachers another tool to measure the usefulness of their work–this would encourage them to see the work that they do with their students as being worldly rather than in the moment of class. The country distribution would be interesting but not pertinent to my purpose.


In addition to Prezi, we use a prototyping tool called protoshare ( Within our protoshare account, we can add our Google analytics account information and it sends data back to our analytics account (number of views, pages viewed, etc.).

It would be great if this same type of functionality existed for our Prezi accounts.

Hey Peter, we’re using Google Analytics, but even if Prezi doesn’t work with or exactly like GA, it would be great to just be able to view numbers similar to the system described by Eric. It would be nice to have a total number of views, but also a breakdown of views on vs embed views. Thanks, hope you’re still working on this :slight_smile:

We are considering integrating Prezi into our business from a Sales and Marketing perspective. The one issue standing between me (sales), and my colleague (marketing), from seeing eye-to-eye on implementing Prezi for our business is the ability to add a tracking mechanism to individual links sent to perspective customers. It is very, very valuable for us to know how much content the prospect viewed, the time spent viewing, etc. (similar to Eric’s earlier point about % views).

Thank you!

I second Zach’s comment 100%, for the same reasons as he’s listed. It’s frustrating that I can’t at least learn how many people viewed my Prezi. Can’t think of a good reason whatsoever why we should be kept in the dark when this info is of such value to us.


Is there any update on this topic? I would also like to see this functionality implemented. An additional advantage is that it would enable the Prezi owner to see if a private prezi’s views are increasing, inferring that the private link has been forwarded and its time to refresh the URL.

Any status on metrics collection and sharing for the Prezi owner?