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I work for a regional agency (eight countries in Central America), also I am a cartographer, so the “Z” dimension is a plus for me: Where are my Prezis plays? is the question I would like to know.
Carlos Rivas.

To answer the original question in this thread - you can now see the number of views and likes under each public prezi. just click on the prezi and scroll under it.

What about private prezis?

It’s great that we can now see the number of views! :)) Can I just ask is that total views or views from when the feature was implemented? The reason I ask is that your view feature says 54 whereas the bitly link I set up to my Prezi in March 2011 has recorded over 200 visits.

Hi there,

It is the # of total views. It was after March 2011 :wink:


Could be that the Prezi counter only clicks over when the Prezi itself is loaded? Anyone following a link to a prezi (for example) on an Iphone will probably not trip the counter as the prezi is never loaded due to the lack of flash on the iphone…

yes, it only count prezi (content) loads

Does ‘after’ mean ‘since’… or does it mean the feature implementation date occured later? Not clear.

And does this included embedded Prezis? I’ve embedded mine on my company blog.

No, unfortunately we don’t include the embed views.

Oh, is not possible check the total views out from the embebbed Prezis? :frowning:

Is not possible use Google analitycs or any other tool either?

It would be very useful.

Helloooo??  Any update on this topic since 3 years ago?

I’ve created step by step tutorial how to track your Prezi in Google Analytics…