Object can't be selected for fade in effect

Dear Prezi users & developers,

this topic is somewhat in between troubleshooting and feature request.
It happened to me, that I sometimes couldn’t select objects for the fade in effect.

The object I wanted to select (let’s call it C) was between two other grouped objects A & B, which were in the foreground. Grouping objects seems to create an invisible boundary box around them an object C was covered by this boundary box (although not by the objects A & B themselves).
The strange thing: This effect only occurs in the “edit path” and “animate” mode; not in the normal editing mode.
Here is a Prezi demonstrating this issue: http://prezi.com/lknqpnt8jtb_/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

One has to bring object C to the foreground.

Why is this a problem then?

  1. By moving, creating, deleting, copying and grouping contents, the order of objects (foreground / background) is changed quite randomly. Therefore, this issue can occur, although the user has not actively sent objects to the foreground / background. In this case it can be really annoying and hard to figure out, why certain objects can’t be selected for the fade in effect. It took me a lot of time to figure out the reason. That’s bad user experience…

  2. The interface is inconsistent: The order of objects seems to be important in the “edit path” and “animate” mode, but not in the normal editing mode… Why?!

  3. If there are no overlapping visible objects, but overlapping (invisible) boundary boxes of groups, I still have to take care of the order (foreground / background) if I want to animate stuff. That’s not convenient. I only want to mess with sorting out the right order, if it has visible consequences (overlapping objects) for my presentation.

I’d be glad, if you could take care of that issue some when in the future. Thank’s in advance!


Thank you very much for sharing this.

Currently there are a few rules for applying the fade-in animation:

  • it has to be within a frame
  • all the elements need to 100% inside the frame
  • all the elements need to be on the front - layer to be able to select them

I understand your confusion, thank you for this feedback.

Warm regards,
István Csúsz