Occasional subscription


Hello. I am an occasional presenter and the idea of a monthly subscription is not necessary. So here are my questions before I purchase:

  1. After reviewing the forum it appears that I can create a fully featured prezi with the trial and then download it for offline use with no loss of features, but I cannot edit it. Once I cancel the trial and downgrade to the basic I can still use this whenever I need to. If I need edits I can just re-upgrade my subscription correct?

  2. I don’t want my prezi public. So can I delete it after I downgrade (I know I have to agree that it goes public to downgrade)? And if I do that can I use the downloaded prezi to make future edits if/when I need to upgrade?

I’d like to switch from PP to Prezi but just don’t want to get locked into a payment when I only edit once a year or so.



Hello @Justin_Euteneier,

  1. Yes, that is correct, you can still use the downloaded presentation with all the features even after you cancel your subscription, however this standalone file cannot be edited. You will need to either renew your subscription or downgrade to the free Basic plan to be able to edit the presentation in your browser online.
  2. Presentations created or edited with a downgraded Prezi Next Basic plan are public. Please note that if you delete a presentation it will not be possible to recover it. Also it is not possible to upload a downloaded presentation to your account.
    I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any further questions.