Offer a free player-only version of Prezi Desktop to allow offline presentations on Linux

Would it be possible to create a free, cut-down version of Prezi Desktop that only supported displaying presentations? Obviously presentations would need to be created using the online tool for free accounts but this would allow offline presentations on Linux and should increase your user base.

Thanks for the quick response - great that you’re interested in the idea. I hope to seeing something along these lines in future!

How is it getting on?


from the technological viewpoint it’s ready now. Can you please help me? My only problem is that the whole product line starts to be very sophisticated.

Prezi online, prezi offline, downloadable prezi, prezi player. How would you do this?


(Not sure if this is what you want, but here we go anyway.)

Thanks for your quick response.

What you could do is have a little button on the left hand side (see pic 1) which says “Get Prezi Player”. When you do, you can then click on a prezi and it will download the prezi player (if it hasn’t already done so). It will then open the prezi in the prezi player.

Also you could have a button here (see pic 2) that would open the prezi player and open the prezi.

Is this possible (mainly the detecting if prezi player is already installed)?



And how about this? If you download/export your prezi you will use the prezi player which is a standalone program. But it has a button -> export as exe.

I think we need exe export because prezi’s penetration is not high enough. When you go to a conference and bring your usb, you need a standalone version.

Do you use linux? Have you tried prezi desktop?


Sorry, i was so rude. I appreciate your help! Thank you. I would like to open a discussion here because I think you, the users can come up with divergent ideas.

Hi Peter,

You’re absolutely right in that you need exe export, and your solution seems to be great. As a Linux user, I’d be satisfied with it, at least :slight_smile: (Prezi desktop works mostly all right for me, with a few hiccups here&there.)

On the other hand, as trivial as this solution seems for us, it might create some confusion for the less computer-literate audiance. You see, .ppts are “transparent” in the sense that you can count on that if you send it to someone, he’ll be able to open and read it or that it’ll be playable on a shared laptop used at a conference. You don’t have to fiddle around with “installing” so called “software”. (OK, I’m exagerrating here, but I think you get the point: Office use is so widespread, lots of people don’t even realize that you need an additional piece of software to play/edit a PPT. At least my mother does not :))

My point is that maybe you should make the “saved” bundle self-containing on Windows and forget the concept of a separate “export” functionality. An offline prezi is playable out-of-the box on Windows, every time, without having to install anything. The offline editor/player (both on Linux and Windows) should be able to open these exported packages and play them (the overhead of the couple hundred Ks of the player does not really matter nowadays). Sure, from the technological point of view this is ugly as hell and you get into a lot of trouble when you start to think about things like an update in the “exe” structure, but this would make things easier for the average user.

Anyway, maybe this is too complicated and too ugly and you should go with your solution (again, I’d be perfectly satisfied with that) and a big red “save as exe” button with the tooltip/help “download this if you want to be able to play this prezi on any windows computer” and a smaller “save for prezi player” – “download this if you want to be able to play this prezi on a computer with prezi player installed” would be enough, I just wanted to drop in my idea.

Keep up the good work,

Question 1: Do you use linux?

Question 2: Have you tried prezi desktop?
No. I only have an EDU Enjoy and the only reason why I havn’t tried it is because I’m the sort of person to save 30 day trials (or however long it is) for when I really need it. Only problem, when I need it, I think “I’ll save it until I really need it!”

I’m probably starting another discussion here, but how about having Prezi Desktop editor for one cached presentation at a time.


BTW, I only have EDU Enjoy because it’s free and my parents won’t ever pay for something that’s a subscription.

Or, can’t you just have a standalone version for download that works with Linux.

(I’m not a developer, so have absolutely no idea if this is possible!)

I found the solution -…

Did anything happen to the “export as exe” idea? I fell in love with Prezi the moment I saw it and am trying to spread it to all the teachers at the school I work at, but I would really need something like an exe export before we started to use Prezi as a replacement for ppt.