Offer to subscribe for Prezi Classic


I would like to recommend that Prezi have the option for subscribers to choose between Classic or Next. As a graphic designer who previously worked in Classic, I felt I had more control and options than I do with Next. I recently became a Next subscriber, but would like the Classic back. For high-level designers, I recommend that Prezi think about having two different tracks for subscribers. Thanks for your consideration!


Hi, @Anna_Cook and thank you for the feedback.

Please know that although you cannot create new presentations in Prezi Classic with a Prezi Next license, you can still share and collaborate, in case another user you’re working with has a Prezi Classic account and shares a presentation with you for editing.

Also, if you have a Prezi Classic account that you have created earlier and you simply cannot access it (and it’s not deleted), we could assist you with regaining access to it.