Offline prezi needs internet connection every time it starts.

The trial desktop prezi needs an internet connection to activate on each start up, which seems to defeat the purpose of having an offline system. Does the Pro version require an internet connection as well?

Internet connection is used to track your trial days, and to download the occasional updates to the styles and fonts. In the Pro version you can skip these (by using a firewall, or just disconnecting), but from time to time Prezi Desktop needs to check your license online.

Thank you for the clarification David. I was on an international flight when I wanted to use and get to know the offline version and was disappointed when I couldn’t use it. I would subscribe for the pro version if I had a way of being confident that the same thing wouldn’t happen unexpectedly when I had no internet connection. If I knew I had an internet connection it seems just as good or better to use the online version… I guess it’s a balance between licensing need and usability, but for me, it’s a deal breaker for pro.

To make it more clear: Pro needs to go online at first start, to activate the product. When this is done, you are good to go and use it offline for a while, even on a long flight. Hope this helps.

And if I don’t have an internet connection at all? And I need imperiuosly to work?. One thing is to connect to internet to get updates. But is very a big problem if internet is required TO START using Prezi Desktop. For me, this is an anomaly. And an anomaly has to be solved.!](](

Since you obtained the Prezi Desktop installer from our website, I don’t clearly see, why is it a problem to connect to the internet as soon as you downloaded and installed it. It is a one time process required. Tell me if I got it wrong, and your confusion has other source.

But for a lot of us, it is not a one time process. We have to “activate” our software every time we start it up. See -

This is been going on for quite some time, and I’ve also been caught on long flights, planning to work on tomorrow’s presentation, only to find it asking for the Internet…

Thanks David, that’s correct and that issue should be solved somehow as soon as possible. Since we weren’t able to reproduce the problem, please report any details you know to that topic (I updated it with some recovery instructions and details):…


David: No, is not a one time process. Prezi Desktop (Free) ask for activation every time it starts. Believe me, is really a problem to connect to internet in some situations. You can’t compare that with the way i download and install the product.

Thanks for getting back to this, you are right, that’s a problem then. We were investigating this issue for a few months now, and trying to collect the most frequent causes. One of them is that you may not have enough permissions to access files related to storing your account credentials. In the topic linked from below, we mention that Prezi Desktop stores this information in the following places:

Mac OS X:
/Users/__YOUR_USERNAME__/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/ELS/com.prezi.preziDesktop/*

Windows Vista & 7:

Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings__YOUR_USERNAME__\Application Data\Adobe\AIR\ELS\com.prezi.PreziDesktop*

Please verify that this folder exists on your system, and for testing purposes please try to rename one of the files here (and then rename it back to its original name).

Every time I open my Prezi Desktop 3 I am asked to log in with email and password. I have read the manual which says I should only have needed to do this the first time. Is there a setting somewhere on my Mac I should be checking? Please be champions and help!

Asked to log in EVERY time I open Prezi Desktop 3._

I have checked the path David has mentioned. My Mac has all the appropriate files. I have full permission access. This problem is very frustrating as I purchased the Pro version in good faith and wish to use it offline - because I do not always have 'net access. Even when I am online, I don’t see why I have to log in every single time time I open the program.