Old Icons & Symbols


Hi there,

After a long time i’ve started to work on our business proces presentation, and i found out that there are lots of cool new icons & symbols. But i can’t find the old ones :scream: i’ve based a lot of profiles on a specif character icon which come back allthrough the presentation. Please tell me that i don’t need to replace all of the icon’s??

Also is it possible to upload all of your own images in a database in prezi just like the icons so you dont always need to go to the folder on your own system and it’s easier to tell witch images you’ve used before.


No “Favorites” section yet, but I’ve made an asset prezi in the past- where I just dump a ton of icons & images, etc. onto a blank overview and if you have that open while working on your current presentation, it’s easy to copy+paste over as needed.


Thx Plastic Ingenuity, for now this is a nice way to work with it.


Are the new banks of images and icons available in Prezi Classic too or only in Next?


@Marvin_Bryant, please know that the new integration is available for Prezi Next only.

Please know that currently you can either have a free Basic account with the old set of icons or the new icons if you have a paid license.

If you would like to have the old icons, for the moment being this workaround could be an option:

  1. Create a new Basic Prezi account
  2. Make a presentation with the old icons in this account and then share it with your existing Prezi account

Also, in the newly created Basic account you can create a presentation with all the old icons and then use it as an asset holder, as @Plastic_Ingenuity suggested.

I understand it is potentially not the most easy solution but currently this is the only way to access all the old icons, I am afraid.


@Plastic_Ingenuity, @Twan_van_de_Ven, @Marvin_Bryant, we understand that you might need the old Prezi icons, so we have passed on the feedback about adding them to the icon selection, however, in the meantime we’re happy to provide the files here:

Hope you find it helpful!