Online editor: mouse selects items two or three places above position

Hi folks
Bizarre issue to report. Hope someone can help please.

When I’m editing a Prezi, I point at, say, a zoom area, image or piece of text over in the left-hand overview window. When I click an item to move it, the item that is selected is always 2 or 3 places above the one my mouse is visibly over. As you can imagine, this is really slowing me down as well as extremely exasperating! It started happening a few weeks ago.

I’m editing online.

Any advice please?
Best wishes

Hello @Tony_Davis, could you please send us a screen recording showing the issue you’ve described, so we further investigate this?

Hope to hear from you soon!

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I have also noticed this problem, also starting a few weeks ago. I have noticed it mostly when moving fade-ins or -outs of objects/text.

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@Eric_Robinson could you please send us a screen recording showing this so we can investigate it?

Hi Catarina
Many thanks for your quick reply. I’ve now recorded the video, but can’t see how to attach it to this reply. Sorry if I’m missing something obvious. As a work-around, I’ve uploaded it to my OneDrive. Here’s the link: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.
Hope you can find the issue!
Many thanks, Tony

I also recorded a video showing this.

This is a pretty simple example; it’s much more of a problem with multiple fade-ins and fade-outs.

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Many thanks, Eric. Exactly that. Hope you can help us, Catarina.

Regards, Tony.

@Eric_Robinson thank you so much for the video, could you please confirm if this also happens when using Google Chrome?

@Tony_Davis many thanks for the video as well, could you please tell us which browser are you using?

We’d need these informations so we can further investigate this issue!

Thanks a lot in advance to both :slight_smile:

Very good point, Catarina. I’ve just tested it in Edge, in which everything works fine. The issue is with Chrome.

Best wishes


I’m seeing the issue in Firefox (my preferred browser, which is what I used in the video), as well as in Chrome and Edge.

It seems to be fixed now, in Firefox at least. Thanks.


Seems all good over in Chrome too, Eric. Delighted and relieved that the team have fixed it now, Catarina!
Best wishes

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Hello @Eric_Robinson and @Tony_Davis, thanks a lot for reporting back to us, and we’re glad everything is working correctly in your end now :slight_smile:

Please, if you encounter this issue again, don’t hesitate to contact us!