Online Prezi for Ubuntu

Are there any plans to provide a offline prezi client for Ubuntu?

Then Prezi would be the only cool presentation software avaiable for all big operation systems: windows, max, ubuntu.

Hi Stefan,

prezi desktop, our offline editor supports Ubuntu already! Visit and try it :slight_smile:


Thanks, I will try it. If you download a Prezi presentation, you get this message

"Download finished presentation

Download your finished prezi, so you can:

  • Show offline anywhere (no internet needed)
  • Backup, copy or distribute

Offline player supports Windows and Mac."

The last sentence is misleading!


Now I see. The offline editor is available for Ubuntu but the offline presenter/viewer is not. Does the editor has a presentation facility?

Yes, that is correct, the offline standalone player is not for linux - but you can use Prezi Desktop to present from. We do that mostly ourselves.

I found the solution -…

Hey there - it won’t work on Ubuntu Lucid with Flashplayer and “/data/main.swf” any Ideas how I can show my Prezi offline without the prezi-desktop?

install wine and run the windows executable, works fine

Prezi offline requires Adobe Air, which in turn is not available in a native 64bit environment. It would be really great if Prezi wouldn’t require these unsustainable proprietary technologies where 64bit users live by the whim of Adobe which cares little about user groups that aren’t the majority…

I believe most of what Prezi does can be done with html5/vector graphics so why Flash/Air etc?

not for me on ubuntu 10.04 - this is really disappointing - had high hopes for prezi :frowning:

I already posted this three times somewhere in this forum, but I hope it helps here too :slight_smile:

I have create a small tool with GUI for that. I called it preziPlayer as it is a prezi player for linux :slight_smile:

You can find the software and a documentation / manual at:….

There is also already an apt (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint) package available for an easy installation. Hope it helps someone here.

This prezi is fine stuff :slight_smile: