Online version icons and Prezi App icons

Dear Sirs,
I notice that, in the last weeks, icons & symbols provided by Prezi have changed in the online version… Here attached I am showing you what I mean: the online version does not show anymore a wide range of icons & symbols like the App is still doing… This is a problem, because we all need those illustrations, which were introduced by you not so long ago. In addition, if you will update the App version to the online version (as you usually do) we may loose those illustration even on our desktop App… and this would not be so nice.
Please advise on this. Thank you!
Davide, luzzpresents: Italy

Hello @davide_luzzati, we are introducing some updates in our icon search feature, that’s why there is a difference between the online editor and the desktop application. Soon these changes will be applied to both and new categories will be added :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, Catarina. This means we will not lose all icons we now see in the Desktop App. Correct? At the moment, in fact, the Desktop App is much richer…

Hello @davide_luzzati, the desktop application will also be updated soon and there will be some changes in the categories both in the online editor and app :slight_smile:

Thanks for kind reply, Catarina.

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