Only 2 animations allowed on some pages?


There’s a few times when my animations are limited in number. I can’t figure out why some pages are like this. Anyone run into this and resolved it? Thanks!


@Ronny_Waters Could you share the link of the presentation in question and specify where exactly you are experiencing this and what kind of animations you would like to add to the presentation? Thanks in advance.


Well it is working fine today! I had run into this once before. That time, I started over with a new presentation. But the 2nd time, I had to reach out. Perhaps my computer just needed to be restarted. Yesterday, I also had trouble inserting arrows while on my laptop but it worked fine on my desktop. That issue is also resolved this morning. But thank you for reaching out! I will message here again if it continues.


We are glad to hear everything works as it should. If you encounter any issues, please feel free to create a new topic.