Open a Prezi Next account in Algeria


Here I am student at the end of the cycle and I would like to make my presentation with Prezi Next. And since I am in Algeria so there is no way to subscribe
And is it possible that a friend in usa will make this subscription to me.
And is what a subscription in Prezi Plus its done for this connects with Prezi Next desktop application and in the end thank you.strong text


We don’t know about any issues that should prevent you from subscribing to Prezi in Algeria. Do you get any error messages when you try to upgrade your license?


Hi Vanda thanks for the reply
The problem is that in Algeria banks do not provide bank cards (mastercard, visa and others) so it is not possible to subscribe


In that case, could you please register for a PayPal account and use this payment method for subscribing? As far as we know, PayPal should be available in Algeria, as well.