Open an existing pez file on my hard drive

Hi. I created a number of pez files some years ago. I find I am in need of viewing these files now. I have downloaded the Press Classic App and have paid to join as a basic member but can not find a way to open my existing pez files. How can I do this?

Hey @Bill_Chameides I’ve modified your license to include the Pro license which gives access to the Prezi Classic license. Can you try to log in again?

After logging in you should be able to import them via File -> Import.
Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:


Thanks that worked!


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Hi, Sam,
I have the same problem - my newly acquired Prezi Next does not imports the old PEZ files…
Please, help me!

Hi @Arpad_PETER, I’ve updated your license, it should be able to import your PEZ files now. :slight_smile: