Open an existing pez file on my hard drive

Hello @Gaurav_Shorey, with your current Classic license so you’re able to login into the desktop application (you can download it here) and import the PEZ file.

We also recommend you to immediately convert the presentation to Present, you can check how to do so here.

Hope this could help!

Hi Catarina,

thanks for your guidance. The PEZ file has opened and has loaded into Prezi Classic.

But now, the PEZ i opened and loaded into Prezi Classic has gone into a bit of an endless “Syncing” mode. It hasn’t stopped syncing for about an hour now.

Any recommendations?

@Gaurav_Shorey could you please restart your computer and retry to import/sync the PEZ file?

Let us know if this worked out!

Hi Catarina,

I have restarted the computer three times since. It still keeps syncing and then says “upload failed”.

@Gaurav_Shorey I’m gonna send you a private message so we can better assist you!

I have found a prezi.exe presentation from Prezi Classic. Is it possible to import this into Prezi Next?

Hello @Stein_Inge_Haaland, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

Please, check the reply above.

Hi Catarine. Thank you for your feedback but please note that the above issue is PEZ file into Next. I dont even have the PEZ file but only the Prezi.exe file and the content files. Can I import the old presentation or is it lost?

:: Stein Inge

@Stein_Inge_Haaland in case it’s only an EXE. file, it’s not possible to import it. Was this presentation done by you? We can try to help you locating it :slight_smile:

Hope to hear from you soon!


Pretty much the same issue with everyone else. I got the Prezi next but on a different account not knowing it cant support the classic one. So I subcribed on the classic prezi just so i can do the work around suggested earlier ( the collabotation).

Unfortunately I still cant the prezi classic I used to have on my pc. I just needed it to so I could migrate the files to my prezi next account.

Any suggestions?

thank you!

Hello @vic_joseph_blanes, You should be able to import the PEZ file into the desktop app with your classic subscription.
Please, check the reply above for more information. I hope this helps!

hello, thanks for the reply…
i have an old prezi .pez file on my hard drive but cant figure out who sent it to me or i cant access the old account i made it on(2014 account). any chance i can open it with the prezi classic? it usually just says need a colaborator permission…

Hi @vic_joseph_blanes, please note that with your current license you cannot access the desktop application that would be necessary to import a PEZ file using the Classic Desktop Application.

You’ve mentioned that this presentation might have been sent to you by someone else, are you the author of the document?

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Yes i am, but i was using an account which i dont have access to anymore( forgot the email add or the password, collage days)…

Hello @vic_joseph_blanes, please note that you do have a Prezi Classic and a Prezi Next license, but your current license does not provide access to the desktop applications. I would recommend you to upgrade your license so you can access the app.

Hi, I have an Edu Pro license. Does this allow me to upload an old Prezi classic file (pez) and edit via Prezi Next?

Following up: I’ve found a solution via the prezi classic app. All appears to be well. :slight_smile:


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Hi. I have the same problem here. Old files in my computer but can’t import. What can I do? Please?