Open online Prezi Video file in Desktop app

Is there a way to open an online Prezi Video file from the Prezi Desktop App?

Would like to know if there’s an answer to this - spent a lot of time on a template online, and realized there’s a 15 min recording cap, so I need to use the desktop app…

it’s unclear how to use the prezi video file I see on the web in the desktop app.

Hi all, there should be a “Use Desktop App” button on the bottom next to the “Practice and Record” button.

Hope this helps!

I had the same problem. As a paid user, I’m expecting to be able to sync my online and desktop projects. Unfortunately when I used the desktop version, it can’t find my online projects! Am I missing something here?

Hi @Zaidee_Ismail, the online created drafts are not directly available in the desktop app. You can either reuse a video you have created or open a draft file online, then click on the “Present in a video call - use the desktop app” button

Hi. Why is that on Prezi Video, even logged into my account, my presentations do not sync between the web platform and the desktop app on Mac ? It does it perfectly with Prezi Next. I have a Prezi Next Premium subscription.

Anyone can help ?

Hello @Emmanuel_Bernet_Ph.D, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Please note that there is no direct document syncing between the cloud and the Prezi Video desktop application. You can save your drafts locally or upload a video to the cloud that you can reuse from the browser.

I’ll make sure to forward your feedback to our product team.