Optimizing your Prezi contents


It is easy to insert text, images, objects, and videos in a Prezi presentation. But that task can be made even simpler with the right formats and parameters.


  • Update style presets using the context menu to increase efficiency. Once you add text and format it, you can save its style by right-clicking on text and selecting Update style presets.
  • Use our built-in fonts for optimal performance. Images of text will make your presentation slower.
  • Separate text paragraphs to animate them separately.
  • Play with the shape of the text. In a short title, it is easy to place the letters individually and rotate them into a shape.


  • Adjust image resolution according to your needs. Image should be less than 1080 pixels wide and 75-150 dpi. Anything higher could decrease your presentation’s performance. If you don’t plan on zooming into an image, use a smaller resolution.
  • Make sure background images don’t have a border for smoother design. Use images with a 16:9 ratio and 1920x1200 resolution. If you still see borders, move the topics outside the overview, click Fit background to overview, and then place your topics back to their original position.
  • Use the right image file for your presentation. For best results, use JPGs for photos, PNGs for diagrams or transparency, and PDFs for zooming in on an element of an image.
  • Save PDFs as the smallest size possible and minimize the quality of any raster objects. Avoid layers and if you have PDFs with multiple pages, upload only the pages you need whenever possible. Both the size and complexity affect PDF performance for vector graphics: the more points, the more it takes to be rendered.
  • Check out these tools to minimize file size and convert images. Our designers use these: tinypng.com, onlineconvert.com, smallpdf.com.


  • Take advantage of Prezi’s icons and symbols. They’ve been optimized for Prezi Next and will perform better than custom vector graphics.
  • Copy and paste objects for faster loading. Objects that have already been uploaded will be recognized and thus perform better than inserting them again from your desktop.


  • Avoid uploading large video files. While there isn’t a limitation of local video size, large files don’t perform as well. Make sure your files are MP4 with AAC codec.

Click here to see the example presentation!

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