Option to adapt font-size to existing text

It would be great if there was an option to align the font size of a newly entered text to the size of an existing text. Or maybe it would make sense to able to enter a font size, in case you want the text to be in the same size as other texts.

was wondering the same thing!


we are working on this - meanwhile, a rough solution - copy paste and change the texts to create several of the same size

In general we need more “normalization” functions–type size, snap to grid, delete. I know you’re trying to grow beyond powerpoint and visio, but some of those tools are very valuable–especially if you’re thinking through your presentation as you create it, rather than creating a draft offline and then just laying it out.

It’s discouraging to see this was posted 11 months ago, as was Adam’s reply and there’s nothing more since.

Manually trying to get 30 text boxes that are scattered across a prezi to have the same size text is a headache and a waste of time. I am making a handout, not a presentation, so I can’t just hide the mis-matched sizes with fancy zooming. I hope to see a method to select text size soon.

Yes, I would love that too.
also It would be nice to have an option to scale images to the same height or width…

For most objects, this is possible by holding [Shift] while re-scaling.

doesnt seem to be working for me. I tried to scale text, frames and images while holding shift. but I didnt get any reference sizes…


yes, shift is not related to this
for texts, when you scale them with the zebra, they will snap to other texts when they are the same size - so simply scale it, and when it stops a little, and the other text is highlighted, they are the same size.

also, when you create new texts, if you zoom to a similar level of the existing texts, they will be the same size

unfortunately there is no way to do this with images today

What is the zebra?