option to switch off milk-glass/out-of-focus effect on embedded prezis

an idea that came out of: http://community.prezi.com/prezi/topi…

Instead of sharpening the preview image only on mouse-over, it could load sharp from the start. If website loading time wasn’t affected.

See other topics about this: http://community.prezi.com/prezi/tags…

Yes, why producing a video, when I use prezi. :wink:

Yes, this would be great!
We want so much to embed a prezi on our website, but it just looks too ugly on a dark background. At least an option to switch off that white heading would help a lot.

Beside that Prezi really rockks!

In the meantime, you might be interested in this 3rd-party solution: http://www.slidedynamic.com/prezi-aut…. No guarantees by Prezi of course :wink:

Yes please include the “sharp start” feature and let us know how to activate it if necessary. It’s really unprofessional and uninviting to see a blurry image before starting. Otherwise I love Prezi.


This is a MUST feature. When people see a blurry presentation start slide, they don’t think “Oh… those smart folks, they are saving bandwidth.” No no no, they think “They must be rookies or need glasses, that slide is blurry. The presentation must be junk.”

Technically, the current system is sound. But technically doesn’t mean squat. The key to everything is in perception, and the perception that is being create by a blurry start slide is not a good one… not a good one at all!

Yes, I agree completely. I would LOVE to embed prezi on our site, but the way it looks before you hit play just looks really really terrible. We strive super hard to look as professional as possible and I literally almost cried when I saw it embedded for the first time.

We spent about 30 hrs making the presentation, then we saw how it looks when it embeds. It was a big disappointment and a big waste of 30 hrs. At least, until this gets resolved.

We really love how prezi looks when it’s running. Please let us know when this gets resolved.

The player that prezi.com uses in its “explore” section is different, which means that what you see in your embedded presentations is what prezi wants you to see. Better performance is used in theirs and if it wasn’t done for your embed is because so they wanted :wink:

It is very easy to create a thumbnail of the first slide of the presentation. This is how ALL major web video platforms work. So the better performance part is moot.

I proposed A LOT of alternatives months ago. None of them were used, which means it’s intentionally ugly, so you (they think) will rather send your visitors to their site… or some other marketing/traffic reasons.


  • The GIANT TITLE could be smaller for the embed player (remember, when I talk about “player” I mean "the swf which takes your presentation “data” and plays it in your embed, or in prezi.com’s player. Not talking about Adobe flash player)

  • The title’s height could COLLAPSE if empty, so we can opt it out, and use the “description” as our title

  • The player could use a HI-RES image from our server when found, so we can define ANYTHING as the “poster-frame”

and other ideas. Some of them are ALREADY working in their site. Nothing to bleed their programmer’s eyes. It’s already implemented, just not for us to be free.

It’s very easy, but you can’t. Since your presentation is hosted in prezi.com (and they want us to remain their herd) Even if you created it, you couldn’t upload it to their server to “replace” the low-res one created by prezi.

Ahh… I see… presentations on the Prezi site “Explore” page are clear on the pre-play screen.

Now that just makes me MAD!!!

There’s no way to create a “sharp” version of something you don’t know the final size. The blurred image is actually a VERY SMALL thumbnail intended for prezi.com mainly, and secondarily blown out for your embed. The blurred/milk-glass/out-of-focus effect is not there, it is just A RESULT of better flash anti-aliasing on the blown out thumbnail.

They can auto-create it, like every other platform does.

You can do a pretty good job though. When you click “play” the image becomes sharp, so again your point is moot. We are not looking for perfection, just a sharp-er start slide.

applxperience - stop thinking like a programmer, and starting think in terms of user experience. We do NOT care particular how or why, more so that is a DONE… that a sharp start slide is achieved. I do not feel it is good form to pick holes in the technically implications of someone’s sentence, when you clearly know the GOAL.

Actually… seems like Katrin was right. i just visited the samples prezimaker described here http://community.prezi.com/prezi/topi…
and it seems the preview is not like 120x80, but it has the full resolution of his presentation. I don’t think prezi would make it a fixed size. I think it’s being CREATED for the current size, but STILL being blurred ¬¬

I was wrong. Either prezi is rendering the preview to the right size and THEN blurring it out, or the saved preview is a fixed big size (I doubt the latter). The bandwidth reason is discarded. Dragging the attention to the title seems the reason it gets blurred… or perhaps disguising the lack of anti-alias in the preview?

Will you tell me prezi’s goals?
We could STOP “thinking” if we knew them.