option to switch off milk-glass/out-of-focus effect on embedded prezis

Actually, I think it is something different and much simplier…

Prezi thinks that a blurred slide is better and they are putting a haze on it.

The title doesn’t affect things because the image size is not changing.

Prezi’s goals are to serve us. This isn’t malicious on their part, just a gap in understanding on one of our parts on the best way to implement an embed start slide.

The title has nothing to do with the preview sharpness, but it’s part of the “designed to look great in prezi’s gallery” and it BLOCKS half or more your presentation when it’s too long.
Will you be ok if the preview is not blurred but the title covers it completely?
Me neither.

I don’t think the main goal is to serve us, or they had used the features they already have working in their player for our player (the one that plays the externally loaded presentations aka embed)
Again, knowing their goals could help us stop complaining. I’ve never seen a company admit “we want money over your satisfaction”, though.

I can’t stop thinking as designer and developer and capitalist:

First come profits
then comes “how OUR product looks” (our means prezi’s)
and THEN “how we make it without affecting the first two”.

The final result has “how it will look in YOUR site” in THIRD place.
Tell me I’m wrong.

When the product being sold enhances user’s appearance, i.e. expensive watch, fine car, brand clothes, people often confuses the effort companies put on “making their product make THEM look good”, with “making the product to make YOU look good”. The latter is secondary, no matter how they make it up to you :wink:

The embed player on external websites is different. I relayed your criticism to the developers and managers. I’m with you in that feature request, but it’s not up to me to decide. Have a good start into the week nonetheless!

hello, see with iframe and object tags :

I’ve read a bunch of comments about this topic and I don’t understand why we can’t just specify a thumbnail file of our own specification as the starting image. I’ve used Brightcove to serve video and that’s how they handle it. Why not prezi?