Option to title the Image or Group in the outline

I would love the ability to change the words “IMAGE” or “GROUP” that show up in the presentation "outline’ in Prezi Next. It would be great if they could reflect what the image is (or the group). If I could scan the column and see that the first ‘image’ is the “chicken” the second is the “canary” etc. instead of just seeing five “Images” in a row. The Text already does this, in the column it gives me the first word or two of the text, but I see no way to do this with image or groups.

Hello @Scott_Fearing, could you please send me a screenshot of where do you want to change these exactly?

I would love to be able to remove the word “Image” and rename to indicate what the image is. While this is a simple spot, with just two “images” in this presentation, I have Prezi’s that that will have 4 or 5 images in a row, and depending on the audience I may want change the order in which they appear or disappear and that can be tough to track. Same with the “Groups” and less so with “Circle”, but there have been times.

Helo @Scott_Fearing, thanks for the detailed explanation. While this is not possible at the moment in Prezi Present, I’ll make sure to forward your feedback to our product team.