Order of presentation


I want to make a hexagon with 1 hexagon in the middle then 6 hexagons around it. I want it to start on the middle one then move to the top one, then go clockwise around. I tried creating this but some of the order of the presentation is wrong. I have tried moving the shapes and the slides on the right hand side but it still doesn’t work. Any ideas?

Also, the best way to create a hexagon? I used a template to get them


Hello @Gareth_Rafferty, we created a Support Copy of this presentation in your Dashboard where we removed the custom start animation you had. Now it starts in the middle and goes clockwise around.

  • You can create this effect using a blank template as well. First, you’d need to change your topic shape to a hexagon (Style ➔ Shapes and Layout), then you can insert the subtopics on the overview in a hexagonal shape.

  • Zooming out between the different topics to the overview is a characteristic of the software. If you want to avoid this, and go straight from one subtopic to the other one, you could create fake subtopics. I recommend that you check the article and let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks for the help. How do I change the colour of the shapes to not be a gradient too?


Hi @Gareth_Rafferty, I believe it’s a characteristic of the template you use.

Is there a way to get a hexagon without that characteristic?

Hey @Gareth_Rafferty,
you can set all the topics (hexagons) to have exactly the same color. The topics in the right our a lighter grey than the rest, but you can easily change the color of the topic in in the advance topic editor.

Great. How do I just get a hexagon @Kata as they’re not in the shapes tab?

Hi @Gareth_Rafferty, you can just insert a topic (click on the green topic button on the left side) then click on Style, choose Shape and Layout. A sidebar will pop up and there you’ll be able to choose a hexagon shape.

Aww right ok thanks for all the help @Kata