Organization Chart

Anybody knows how to make organization chart?

Fastest way. . . make it in another program and import it to Prezi. . . That is what we have done.

Business Plan - Rings template has a simplified org chart on page 8. There might be others but I just haven’t seen recently. If you don’t import as suggested above (which totally works, of course) I would look at making something in Prezi with their shapes, and if a particular individual has a lot of info, you could even use subtopics. Good luck!

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I am trying to make a networking chart - more like a mindmap or org chart with several top level categories (areas of expertise) each visually linked to names and details of each individual. I can organize these easily in Excel but want to display them and create more nuanced linkages manually. I cannot find any way to import Excel data (or csv, rtf, etc) into Prezi to automatically create such a thing. Ideas? Am I missing something? Know of other software that would do this for me?

An alternate solution would be to be able to import a mindmap into Prezi. I saw info about software that could do this from 6+ years ago but haven’t found anything more recent.

Hello @Margaret_Richards, I merged your post with the relevant thread. You can either save your Excel file in image/PDF format and insert it in your presentation, or you can follow the suggestion above:

Thanks Catarina but that doesn’t really help. I don’t want an image of or link to my excel file I want the actual data in it to be converted into an org chart. I have 700+ elements so I cna’t feasibly put them all into a Prezi template automatically.

There was an old tool for importing Mindmaps (.mm) into prezi so that the elements become objects (not just an image) – it was from 2013 though I haven’t found anything more recent. Are you aware of any 3rd party apps or add-ons that would do this?

Hello @Margaret_Richards, I am afraid that currently those are the only solutions to insert an Excel chart in your presentation.

Good luck in getting this to be addressed soon. We are still waiting for basic functions that were requested almost 2 years ago. . .