Our discovered issues with the software

These were some of the issues discovered when we used the software. Please note however, we have found many, many advantages to the program and enjoyed using it to create a learning resource and has much potential. But, this post is SOLELY highlighting some of the issues we discovered and is not meant as a review but just noting issues discovered for the moderating team

•Software glitches – Inconvenienced and annoyed members of the group whilst creating the presentation such as jumping of text across the program.

•Limitations with transitions/aesthetics – There were limitations within the program to the potential of the Prezi; frequently hit the max zoom potential

•Image & text uploading – Again, frequency in glitches were predisposition to occur with the use of the uploading.

•Accessibility – The one person policy caused limitation with work timeframe.

•Other minor issues with the program itself i.e. saving.