Outline view for prezis

Would it be possible to create an “outline view” for prezis? I’ve recently been introduced to WebspirationPRO as a way to make mind-maps. These maps seem like they would be a perfect fit for prezi, and one feature they have allows you to toggle between an outline and a diagram. I would love to use the diagrams as prezis for lectures (I’m a college professor) but give students the outlines as a handout. I’m sure I can create the diagrams using their software and then put them into a prezi, but it would be nice to only need one program.

Hi there,

I am not familiar with WebspirationPRO, but I think that this is a very interesting idea. I will forward this post to our development team for consideration.

However, for now, you can use a screenshot of the mindmap and insert it into Prezi, then use invisible frames to zoom in and out of specific parts of the mindmap you inserted. Just click on the invisible frame, or set a path point to it.

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That’s a clever use David. As a part-time professor, I would like to second the request of vxluevano. A lot of the presentations I have seen on Prezi.com have a rather mind-map feel to them and I would love to switch to outline mode in my presentations.

Another vote from a new user for this feature. I would love to be able to have an outline view of my prezi.