Overriden account


I wanted to go to my Prezi account that I have created some few years ago with my gmail e-mail (but haven’t connected my Prezi account with Google). Unfortunately, I have forgotten my password, and clicked the button “log in with Google account”, and after that I have realized that this has somehow overridden my previous account.

After that, I made another mistake by changing the password. So no I assume I have a completely new account, created with the same e-mail. Ineed my old presentations on Prezi Classic urgently and have tried to write an e-mail to loginsupport@support.prezi.com (since I have links to my earlier presentations), but Google says that this e-mail doesn’t exist.

What to do?


Sorry, I have solved the problem, it wasn’t Prezi’s but my fault.

Hope you will delete this post :slight_smile:


Hi, happy to hear that issue was resolved, if you wish we can delete the post as well :slight_smile: