Ownership of prezi projects

I work for a university and I create lots of Prezi’s using a free basic subscription. Who owns my Prezi’s? Uni or Prezi? Do I need to have a team license for the university to own my projects?


Prezi will officially correct me if needed, but I’m pretty sure neither. YOU own your projects. Definitely not Prezi, but if you were to leave Uni, they wouldn’t have your password and I’m pretty sure Prezi can’t legally give it to them. You would have to transfer your presentations to another individual working at Uni by your own free will. If you left on bad terms, I’m almost positive you could walk away with all your content… right or wrong. So yeah, a team license might alleviate some of that, giving more than one person access to the same content. That’s definitely my own non-professional opinion though :wink:

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Hello @Sarah_Grizi, the “owner” of the presentations is the owner of the Prezi account. In case you have created a Basic account you can freely use the presentations you’ve created. If your school decides to purchase a Prezi Business team license, each member of the team will be able to create and access presentations. I hope this helps.