Paste and automatically center an object on a slide

I’m using Prezi Next to create a new prezi. I want to copy an image or element or set of images and elements from an earlier prezi I made, switch to a blank slide on the new prezi, and when I paste what I’ve just copied into that slide, I’d like that image or element or set of images and elements to be automatically aligned both horizontally and vertically on the slide such that I don’t have to manually center it/them. Not having to manually move the pasted object around to locate the centering crosshairs would save me a lot of time. Is there any way to get automatic centering? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Eric_Stewart, I’m afraid currently it is not possible to paste elements automatically to the center, it has to be done manually with the help of the yellow lines.

However, I agree that this would be a useful feature and I’m going to forward your suggestion to the development team!

@Agnes @Eric_Stewart I think if you have the element(s) centered in the original layout (what you are Ctrl+C selecting) doesn’t it default to paste in the same location on the new page? That’s one detail I’m pretty sure I really like and have used to my advantage in the past… It’s very useful to have it default that way for title placements, for example, so that you have everything at the same level as you go through.

If you have centered to start, it should stay centered, so that might be something you could look into, to avoid manual movement after the fact?

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That’s a good idea. Thank you. Unfortunately, though, the elements I want centered on the new slide are off to one side on the original slide, so when I paste them into the new slide they are not automatically centered. So I guess I will just have to live with centering them manually. I’m finding it easier to do that if I first center them horizontally, release the mouse button, and then reclick and center them vertically.