Pausing Prezi Account


I need to move my Prezi account to a new payment system, however there will be a delay between stopping the current payment system and the new payment system.
If I stop my current subscription will my account and all my presentations be paused (understanding I can’t edit them during that time) until the new payment system comes online…?
Is it then a simply matter of logging in (after a few months) and updating the payment details to resume using the account. Nothing will be lost or deleted…?
Many thanks…!


Hello, @Mark_Gordon. After your subscription expires, it goes in a “frozen” mode, you cannot create or edit, however, your content remains as it is. Once you are ready to restart the subscription, you can just log into your account and follow the instructions of a pop-up window. Should you have any problems, please let us know and we’ll help!


Many thanks Lana - much appreciated.


You are very welcome!