PDF download stalls


I am trying to download my presentation to PDF; however, every time I make an attempt, it gets about 95% exported and stalls. I have tried 2 computers and two save locations. Any help would be great.

How to download a presentation from Prezi Next?

Could you please share the link of this presentation so that I could have a look?



I have exactly the same problem with pdf export.
Do you have a solution ?



I’ve had an issue in the past as well, but I think my Prezi was really large? I found that if it wasn’t downloading properly from the desktop app, I could get it to work from the browser version instead. Not sure why. No examples from my end at this time, but thought I’d mention in case it was a bigger problem overall, that’s all.


In version 1.6.16 still the only method. I’ve tested 12 pdf exports, 50% didn’t work in desktop version, I think the number of pdf pages is limited:

  • 21 to 34 pages: works in desktop version

  • 43 to 160 pages: only works in browser version


@Gerald_Gantschnigg, we have forwarded this feedback to the responsible team.


I’m trying to export to pdf and it stays frozen


@marcelina_pena Did you try to export from the app or the online platform? In case it was the desktop application, could you please try online?

If you still cannot succeed, please send us the link of the presentation so we can test it. Thanks in advance.