PDF generation is too verbose, large, slow, and wasteful

PDFs are really helpful for attendees to have when Prezis are used for presentations.

When exporting a presentation to PDF, EVERY animation and transition is exported as a separate page. For instance, if you have a page with 5 items that fade in, then a total of 6 PDF pages will appear for that topic. Double that page count when there are fadeouts for each item. In most cases, one PDF page would be sufficient.

I wish there was a way to selectively omit pages in a preview, or have an option (checked by default) that omits pages there are just fade in and fade out events.

No one reading a PDF wants to simulate animations by scrolling through pages. It’s a waste of time, file size and paper and ink when printing. Also, the PDF export feature is very slow and often hangs. The reduction of pages may help the performance and occasional failures.

As a workaround, a tool like this can help filter out pages: SmallPDF. However, the extra pages should not be generated in the first place unless an extra checkbox is optionally selected to enable verbose export.


Hello @JJ_JJ, thanks a lot for your feedback, we also believe this would be a very useful feature and will make it sure to transmit to our development team :slight_smile:

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100% agree with this suggestion

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