PDF Path Editable?

Hi there! I hope someone can help me in the next 48 hours. I created a presentation on Prezi Next. I exported it as PDF. It plays fine except for one thing. My viewers are forced to see a slide of the main/home page between every single topic. In Prezi classic, I could see every path move and edit it from the left hand menu. But I can’t figure out in Next how to stop the slides in PDF format from showing the home/main page of my presentation in between each topic slide. It makes the presentation pages too long and is annoying to see. Any help would be great! Thanks, David

Edit the PDF to delete the pages you don’t need?

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Duh!? Thank you. I was opening it Adobe Reader so didn’t see that option. You reminded me that I could open it in Pro and edit pages. I’m such a fool sometimes. Thank you for contributing!

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All good! If you had replied that you didn’t have that option, my next suggestion was going to be searching for a PDF tool that DID allow the edits. (I think outside of Adobe there’s a nice one called Nitro.) In editing you may find that your page numbers no longer jive, but I either changed that text in Adobe edit mode once again, or you can open up your pages in Photoshop if you happen to have that, and there’s an option to open as images vs. pages; I believe opening as images actually wiped the page numbers away. It’s been a while so you or anyone reading this might want to play around with things & confirm back :slight_smile: Always happy to help!