PDF Transparency

One pdf doc I have uploaded looks like a zoomed in white page which I like the other is transparent and difficult to read. How can I change this?

Hello @Louis_Chiodo, please note that in case the uploaded file has transparent background you will not be able to modify this in Prezi. I would suggest editing them outside of Prezi and then inserting them into the presentation. In case you need further assistance please feel free to reach out, I’m happy to help.

Sara, I’m having the same problem but the pdf isnt transparent to begin with. I’m looking for a way to show multiple pdfs on a page (mostly text) that can be zoomed into. Its challenging when they keep coming in as transparent.
Also, if you have any recommendations on how to arrange these documents so they’re more easily read, that would be great (for example, a layout where there are thumbnails and you clikc one, it blows up, etc)

Hello @JASON_ZWANG, can you please send me the URL of the presentation so that I can take a look at these PDF files? I would suggest adding zoom area animations to them so that they are more easily read while presenting.

Yup, you got it. I’ll insert a translucent background and make zoom area animations. Thanks for your help!

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Hello, I am having the same problem with some pdf’s - they are white background, standard documents (as far as I can see) but when I bring them in to Prezi they become transparent.
What was the solution?

Hi @John_Thomson, as a workaround you can insert a white shape behind your PDFs so the text and images can be visible.


You can convert a PDF text to a PDF image with a conversion tool like CloudConvert. Then you will select your PDF text and convert it to JPG.

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