PDF version of user manual?

Is there a pdf version of the user manual? I was hoping to work on a prezi presentation while staying at a remote cabin (no internet or cell signal) for the next couple weeks. I downloaded the desktop version of prezi to my laptop so I could do this. But, the user manual is only available on-line?
Thanks much!
PS. The cabin is in Alaska and we have solar power to charge the laptop.

Hi there,

Currently, there is not a version of this. I would recommend to Save the pages (File > Save Page as).

However, this is a very useful feature and I will recommend to our development team, along with your post, to include such a thing.


Has a pdf version been made available for download yet?
Thank you,

I would really like to see a pdf version of the support documentation also. Any word on when it will be ready?

Is the PDF version of User Manual available now ? I would really welcome this, since I hate to have to read a manual on screen, and it seems that it has been requested by several users…

I would like to add my voice to a (hopefully) growing cacophony of voices - it’s time for a PDF version of the User Manual!