"Permission denied" when embedding a presentation


I’m a new user. I tried to share my presentation to my class website, but it says “permission denied, you don’t have the required permissions to view this page”. What can I do? I have made my presentation public (Sauna suomeksi).

Thank you so much!


Please make sure you generated a view link by following the steps of this article. Please let me know if it fixes the issue!


But it seems to be possible only if I’m a premium user (because of having
to turn on the Prezi Analytics)? I’m using the free version.


A view link can be created with all the license types, Premium has the option to track the viewing data, as well.


Well, yes, I have the link in my page, but I can only look at it by opening
the link to a new window. I was trying to put the frame straight to the
page so students dont have to open a new window. But it says Permission
denied, still. And I did everything like the page you linked told me to.

Thank you


If you prefer embedding your presentation to a website, then this article lists the steps you should take. If the issue persists, please share a link to the site so I could check.


Thank you, now it works!!


You’re very welcome, I’m glad I could help!