Phantom downloads that don't reflect updates

Editing online in IE 9 and WIndows 7, I’ve encountered a strange problem with downloads. To fix a minor problem that only appeared in the downloaded version (WYS online is not always WYG after download) I made a series of downloads. Each time I made sure to save before exiting the edit, and each time sent the previous version to the Windows “recycling bin” before downloading the next update.

I was surprised to see that the fixes I was making did not seem to appear in the updated version. I noticed also that the download (of a 20 MB prezi) supposedly happened instantaneously. After some experimentation I determined that the edits I had made were not included in the download: it was simply “downloading” my first version each time (actually bringing it back from a temp folder, I suspect.)

Reloading the page and even quitting IE and opening again did not solve the problem. They only way I was able to downloaded the updated prezi was to switch to Firefox and download it from there.



Thanks a lot for this update, I had seen a user have the same problem yesterday. That was what i suggest for him to do to fix the problem and I see it worked for you as well. I will notify the developers about this.