Photo animation help


I have a bullet in a subtopic that has a photo associated with it. I want to fade in the bullet and then zoom into the photo. I do not want to fade in the photo then zoom to it. I also do not want the photo to show when the subtopic appears. Is there a way to hide the photo behind an object and zoom to the photo and not the object. I can place an object in front of the photo and zoom to the photo but the photo does not appear, it zooms into the covering object.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Could you please send us a link to the presentation so that we could assist you with this specific case in the best way?


In the “Statutory Responsibilities” topic, I wanted to have the bullet pop up then the picture of the related code, then back to the subtopic and keep doing this until all the bullets on each sub topic are complete. I have kind of done a work around .ppt style but don’t really like it.