Placing topics over the overview photos


Hello, the community!
This is probably the question to gurus.
I uploaded the background photo and placed about 10 photos above it, each of which in a way is a symbol of every topic the presentation would have.
Now if you look at No.1, it’s ok. It’s placed on a notebook and it shows a part of the notebook in the left panel. But if you look at No. 2, instead of the building it shows black background, since this is how the background photo looks stripped from all what I’ve placed on top of the background.
The question: Is it always so? Do topics show only a part of the background they are placed on?


Hi, once you zoom into the topic, you will only see overview background image zoomed in.

If you’d like to use the images you added later as the zoom areas of each topic, I’d recommend you to look for an image with a laptop screen, add your photos to it with an image editor and then upload it as a background image to your presentation. I hope this helps!


Thank you! This is exactly what I have done so far :slight_smile:

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