Planets/stack insertion always inserts a planet


I am using Prezi Next and I like the functionality. I’m all in on anything that moves away from Flash and toward HTML5 as well!

There is one feature that I’m not sure if I’m using right or if it’s dysfunctional for me.

Whenever I am working on inserting a subtopic and I select “Stack” for the subtopic type, it just inserts a planet. This is especially weird because I have successfully inserted stack subtopics earlier in this same presentation and it worked. Now when I am trying to create “Stack” type subtopics that are iterated through in a linear fashion, it just creates another planet.

If it helps to know, I am on a Mac, and I have already tried multiple browsers with the same problem. I have read what the difference is between planet/stack subtopics, but both options seem to be just inserting planets.

If any further information is needed for troubleshooting, I’d be happy to provide more info. Thanks so much!

Sorry for the late reply, @MRoss.

Could you please send us a screencast of the issue happening and also a link to your presentation so that we can investigate?


Thanks for the response!

I have attached a Quicktime screen capture of the issue in question. I’m using Chrome, but the same thing happened in Firefox as well.

Here is the link to the Prezi. It was generated with the “Share” button from the presentation. I hope that’s what you were looking for - I can send a replacement otherwise.

If it helps to know - I had the browser dev tools open during a test just to see if it was throwing errors to the console every time I clicked the “Stack” button, but it was not.

Thanks again.

I’ve checked your presentation, run some tests and what I’ve found is that the difference between a planet subtopic and a stack only appears once you zoom in, on the outside they both will look like a planet. I’m attaching a short gif to explain:

I hope it clarifies!

I’ll be able to work around that much better.

Based on the buttons, it seemed to me like it would create a stack underneath the main topic, not create another planet that has stacks underneath it.

Thanks for clarifying!

You’re very welcome, I’m glad I could help!