Play full video in autoplay mode

I created a prezi with embedded videos. They are integrated in my path so they start playing nicely when I play my prezi.

The problem is that in auto mode, we can only watch the first few seconds then the prezi jumps to the next step. What can I do in order that the videos are played fully before going to the next step?


My videos are doing the same thing.  I’m curious to know what I’m doing wrong… the video is in the path.

Very clear, thanks!

Thank you SO much!  This worked very well!  I’m very impressed with Prezi and will continue to use if for presentations for work!  :)  Thanks again!

I have uploaded 3 slides with individual videos on each, each slide approx 10sec video. It zooms in well and begins to play, but after about 3 secs the video stops playing and moves to the next slide. How do i fix this to play the entire video?

So i put the Voice over in my prezi to my video and it plays, however once the video is finished, it stays on the last frame and doesnt move to the begining. Any ideas?


I have inserted a streaming YouTube video.  In autoplay, the video plays but evidently does not complete. The second time around, the video then runs out the last second or two.  Then the third loop of autoplay, the video begins anew.  In other words, the video only plays every other loop. 


HI , I am having issues getting amm of my videos to auto play , they are direct from youtube … can you help ? I have to film the presentation so I can play it off line but need to click through every time and its very slow.


So just to clarify it is not possible to have embedded videos play from start to finish when in auto-play because there is currently no way to set Prezis to play voice overs continuously, correct?

So there’s no way to have both embedded video and continuous looping auto-play… 
My prezi can auto-play on a continuous loop, but then the embedded video will cut off after a few seconds. 
I can have embedded video playing in full (if I add a voice over track) but then the auto-play will only play the prezi once and not in a continuous loop. 

Hate to disagree with Vera, but I have a Prezi running continuously in a loop in our office with 2 Youtube videos.  Both videos play to completion with autoplay set to 20 seconds.  Both are much longer than 20 seconds.  This will not work with a portable prezi, you must be running the Prezi from the Prezi website.  Here’s my link:

Hi Gary, I was aware that auto-play and continuous loop would work with a YouTube video, but I need a portable prezi with an embedded video file, as I won’t have internet access when it’s in use.

I’ve tried everything I could think of (add silent voice over, etc.) but with a portable prezi, I have found no solution to the video and autoplay.  Sorry, I missed that part of the thread.