Play Prezi on Smart TV, no PC attached

If I create a Prezi presentation, is there a way to display this on a loop using a Smart TV that is web enabled (Youtube, Amazon capable) without the TV having to be connected to a PC that’s on the internet?

Hello Matt,

If I understand you correctly, I dont think you can run an .exe file on a smart TV (portable Prezi) with a USB for example (mine anyway :slight_smile: - however you may be able to run a cable from the internet hub directly in to the TV and get on line that way to show and your Prezi - you could run it in autoplay that way? With a suitable WiFI dongle wireless may also be possible I think?

Alternatively, you could screencast your Prezi (video record it) and run it as a looping video on the TV (some can run directly from a USB stick) or from Youtube of course.

hope this helps



well, I know it may be late for your question but I  just solved the problem, so I’d like to share my experience with more friends. My Samsung 55" Smart TV will not play two MP4 files I have on a WD HDD (Plugged into the USB Port). Both files display “The selected file is not currently supported”. I found a page that helps me a lot: and if you are interested in it, you can take a view, good luck