Play Prezi presentation on a MAC

I am an Audiovisual Engineer and I would like to use our Macintosh Computers to show the Prezi file that the client has. Do you know the link that I can download a free version only for viewing? Or is it necessary to have a paid subscription? Thank you in advance for your time!

Hi @Alexandros_Papaioann, if you just want to open a presentation from someone else you don’t need a Prezi license at all.

If you would like to have access to our desktop application and be able to download a portable presentation you would need to have a Standard license or higher.
You can find more details about our paid licenses and features here: Prezi pricing: Compare plans and sign up for Prezi | Prezi. Make sure you are logged out of Prezi when you open the link.

I hope that helps :slight_smile: